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Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In this post today we will learn to solve the  coding questions which is being asked by the Amdocs company recently. If you are preparing for selection in any company then this post will help you definitely.

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Rotated String 

Given a string a , and flag (-m or m) , you are required to write a function that does the following: if flag=m : rotate the elements of the string a,m elements right. if flag=-m: rotate the elements of the string a,m elements left.

The function prototype is :

rotateString(String a, int flag):

a-the string to be rotated 

flag- if flag=m : rotate the elements of the string a,m elements right otherwise left.

The function should return rotated string.

Example :-

  • Input:
    • Easy
    • -1
  • Output:
    • asyE


Since the flag is negative so it will rotate left.

Code in Python

#Code in Python
class TestImpl:
    def rotateString(self,a,flag):
        if flag>0:
            return a[len(a)-flag]+a[0:len(a)-flag]
            return a[abs(flag):] + a[0:abs(flag)]

        #Drive code


Code in Java
import java.util.Scanner;

class RotateString {

    static String rotateString(String a, int flag) {
        if (flag > 0) {
            return a.substring(a.length() - flag) + a.substring(0, a.length() - flag);
        } else {
            return a.substring(Math.abs(flag)) + a.substring(0, Math.abs(flag));

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println( rotateString("Easy", -1));

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