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Hello friends how are you, Today in this blog I will teach you What is Keyboard? , Full From of keyword and many things about keyboards. So go through this post to get complete knowledge of Keyboards. We will cover the following topics in this post.

  1. What is keyboard?
  2. What is the full form of Keyboard?
  3. Who invented keyboard?
  4. Types of Keyboard Keys
  5. Types of keyboard
Let's start and learn these topics one by one.

 What is keyboard?

A keyboard is an input device of a computer that has a variety of buttons. Through which we put the data in the computer and instruct it. In this, the buttons are exactly like typewriters, but the functions are very much.

Many devices are connected in the computer which are very important such as input devices and output devices.

The keyboard is an input device of a computer which is said to be a very important device. Because the way a person becomes handicapped without a human being.

In the same way, if it is removed from the computer, then the computer will also be disabled, that is to say that the computer cannot be used, without the keyboard the computer will not run. This is called keyboard in Hindi.

It is mainly used to enter alphabets, numbers, commands and different data in a computer.

It is a means of communicating directly with the computer. These CPUs process our entered data and then show us the results through output devices such as monitors and printers.


What is the full form of Keyboard?

The full form of Keyboard is given below






A-A to Z



Who invented keyboard?

It is invented  by American inventor Christopher Latham Sholes .

Christopher Latham Sholes is also known as "The Father of the typewriter"

Types of Keyboard Keys

There are mainly six types of Keys in Keyboard.

1.Alphanumeric or Typing keys

2.Control keys

3.Function key

4.Navigation key

5.Numeric keypad


Alphanumeric or Typing keys

Every keyboard in the world has a set of keys which are known as alphanumeric keys. It is called alphanumeric because it only contains alphabets and numbers.

In this, the number keys are in 2 places. One is in the row above the alphabets and the other is on the right side of the alphabets, but in some keyboards there is no Numeric keys on the right side of alphabets. The above Numeric key also contain symbols which are typed by pressing the SHIFT button and pressing simultaneously. For example if we want to type # then we have to press Numeric key 3 with SHIFT.

Letter or Alphabet keys are arranged in this manner. The first row consists of QWERTY and second row consists of ASDFGH. You can also see the same layout in the keyboard of your smart phone and tablet.

Control keys

The keys that can be used single or can be used with someone else are called Control keys. For example Ctrl, Alt, Escape, Windows Key etc are Control Keys. Apart from this, Scroll Key, PrtScr, Pause, Break keys are also Control Keys.

Function keys

It is used to do some specific work. The top row has the function Keys. There are 12 function keys in any keyboard, You can identify it as F1, F2 …… ..F12. Function Keys have different functions. Work is taken as needed. The work of function keys are different in different softwares.

Navigation key

Navigation keys are between the letter keys and numbers keys on the right side of the keyboard. These are the 4 arrows that represent the left, right, up down direction.

You can move the cursor in all directions with the same navigation keys as the mouse. Also use it to scroll pages.

Numeric keypad

Numeric keypad is on the right side of the alphabets, It is used to enter number. Here all the numbers are given together to do calculation in a easy way. Num lock is used to use numeric keypad means if the Num lock is on then we can use numeric keypad otherwise we can’t use it. In many keyboards light is used to show Num lock is On or Off.


The board has indicator lights for some keys. When these keys are turned on, the lights for its index are on. If there are lights, then the function that is associated with it will not work.

When the NUM key is on, this side will be off, the numeric number keys on the side will work. When the Capslock key indicator light is on, all the letters are written in the upper case but in the lower case.

Types of keyboard


There are different types according to its usage. Now we will know here what are these types. By the way, computers and laptop keyboards are simple, people know the same, but apart from this there are also gaming, ergonomic, thumbsize, numeric keyboard etc.

Apart from this, these devices are also many types such as foldable, laser / infrared, and chorded.

There are also different ways to connect it to computer such as PS / 2 and USB. Let us now know what are these different types and how they work.

Laptop keyboard

This is the QWERTY version. What you use in a laptop is similar to that. The only difference is that some buttons are reduced due to lack of space.

There are some extra keys like power button, volume button, play button, rewind button, mute button etc.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are also similar to the device used regularly, the only difference is that there are some extra keys given in it. It has illuminated keys, multimedia keys, an LCD screen, palm rest as extra features. 

Illuminated keys are used to play games at night time. It is quite useful when the keyboard is not seen properly when it is dark at night. In between playing games, multimedia keys are used to enhance the sound of the music and change the music track.


Ergonomic computer keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to reduce the pain caused by typing of the hand muscle. It is also designed to give comfort to the hands.

It is usually made in V-Shape for 2-handed typists. This creates an angle, which also increases typing speed.

Laser or Infrared Keyboard

This is the latest technology in the computer world. This technology projects the flat surface as a keyboard light. Due to its light project, it is made on the table or desk itself.

You can input the alphabet into the computer by typing in the keyboard on the table or desk itself. By the way, this technology is still in the developing stage, so it is not being used regularly.

Rollup Keyboard

Rollup is the best used in travel. You can roll it and keep it open when needed. It becomes very easy to carry due to its rollup.

It is usually made of silicon and polyurethane material. The only advantage of this material is that you can rollup it but do not fold it. This causes the risk of circuit damage.

Wireless Keyboard

Wire is not used in Wireless Keyboard. It works like Bluetooth.

Wireless keyboards are more expensive to connect to computer, along with them comes USB Receiver which is Radio Frequency. It sends the signal it receives from the keyboard to the computer.

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