Tkinter GUI window and Label in Python

Hello friends how are you, today in this blog i will teach you what is Tkinter, how to create GUI window , how Tkinter GUI works and many programs using Tkinter in a very simple way.

Let's start

Python tkinter

  • Tkinter is GUI library for Python.
  • It is used to create graphical user interface for desktop application.
  • import the tkinter module in python program.
  • Create the GUI main window.
  • Add the widgets like labels, buttons etc. to the GUI window.
  • Call the main loop so that the actions can take place on the user's computer screen.

#importing tkinter
import tkinter
#creating object
top = tkinter.Tk()
# Code to add widgets will go here...
#calling mainloop

import tkinter
top = tkinter.Tk()
#setting dimension of window

import tkinter
top = tkinter.Tk()
#setting dimension of window
#setting title of window
#setting background color


  • The Label widget is used to provide a caption for other widgets.
  • It can be used as a heading.
  • It can also contain images.
  • Syntax:
    lbl = Label ( master, option1,option2, ... )
  • Here master is parent window and option can be used as a key-value pairs.
  • Examples of options are text,bg,image,height etc.

from tkinter import *
top = Tk()
#window dimension
# creating label
uname = Label(top, text="This is a label").place(x=30, y=50)
  • Here x is distance from left and y is distance from top.

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