Modules in Python

  • A module is a collection of statements in which we store functions ,classes and variables.
  • Python module acts as a library in which we can store set of functions and can use as per our requirements.
  • Now i am going to create a module with name that contains a function add() that prints the sum of two given number.
#creating function
def add(x,y):
  • Now if we want to call add() function then we need to include this module in our python code.

  • There are two way of including module in our python code.
  • import statement
  • from import statement
  • Syntax:
    import module1,module2,........ module n  
  • We can import multiple modules in a single statements.
  • The import statements includes all the functionality of one module into another.
  • import keyword is used to include module.

#importing mymodule file
import mymodule
#taking user input
x=int(input("Enter first number:"))
y=int(input("Enter second number:"))
#calling function of mymodule
Enter first number:10
Enter second number:20
Sum= 30
  • This statement is used when there is a need to include only the specific attributes of a module.
  • Now i am going to create a new module that contains many functions.
def rectangle_area(h,w):
    return  h*w
def square_area(side):
    return  side*side
def circle_area(radius):
    return  2*3.14*radius
  • Now if we want to import only square_area() from the we should code like this
#importing square_area from
from geometry import square_area
side=int(input("Enter side of square:"))
#calling square_area
print("The area of Square:",square_area(side))
Enter side of square:12
The area of Square: 144
  • We can raname a module by using as keyword.
  • Syntax:
    import <old_module_name> as <new_module_name>

#Note:this line will include
#all the functions of
import  geometry as geo
side=int(input("Enter side of square:"))
#calling square_area
print("The area of Square:",geo.square_area(side))
Enter side of square:10
The area of Square: 100
  • It is a predefined function that returns list of all the functions or variables or sub-modules name defined in the given module.

import  geometry
['__builtins__', '__cached__', '__doc__', '__file__',
 '__loader__', '__name__', '__package__', '__spec__', 
 'circle_area', 'rectangle_area', 'square_area']
  • We can also define variables in module and can use in our python code.
import  variablemodule
#accessing module variables
Sum= 50 

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