Introduction of C Language

👉What is C Language?

1.It is a basic ,general-purpose programming language.
2.It is the base of all high level programming language so it is called basic programming language.
3.It is developed by Dennis Ritchie.
4.It is developed at AT and T’s Bell Laboratory(USA).
5.It was developed in 1972.
6.Basically it was developed to implement UNIX operating system.

👉Features of C Language

1.Machine Independent: C is called platform independent because a java program can be run on    different kind of machine for example Laptop, Desktop, Mobile etc.
2.Structure Oriented: C supports structure oriented programming so it is called structure oriented.
3.Powerful: C is a powerful programming language.
4.Flexible: An application developed in C can be modified as per user requirement so it is called flexible programming language.
5.Portable: A C program written in one system can be run in any other system. In simple a C program can be transferred from one system to another.
6.Simple: C is very simple and easy to learn.
7.High SpeedC language is designed in such a way that it takes very less time to execute as compare to other so it is called High speed programming language.
8.High Efficiency

👉Application of C Language

1.Developing Games: C language is used to develop different types of game for example Snake game,Tetris Mania etc.
2.Operating Systems: C language is primarily created for developing operating system[Unix].
3.Compilers: C language is also used to develop compilers.
4.Database Systems: C language is used to develop Database systems.
5.Network Drivers : C language is used to develop network drivers.
6.Graphics Packages: C language is also used to develop Graphics packages.
7.Interpreters: C language is also used to develop interpreters.
8.Editors:C language is also used to develop Editors.

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