If Statement in Python

Hello friends how are you, today in this blog i will teach you what is if statement, syntax of if statement , how if statement works and many programs using if statement in a very simple way.

Let's start

If statement


if  condition  :
  • It is used to test the condition and the result is based on the condition.
  • If the condition is true its body will execute otherwise does not execute.

no=int(input("Enter any number:"))
if no>5:
    print("Number is greater than 5")
Enter any number:10
Number is greater than 5

Here in this program we will use single variable for number , After taking user input we will apply condition on it. if the given number is greater than 0 then it will definitely positive , if the given number is less than 0 we will print negative and at last if the number is equal to 0 then we will print Number is Zero.

no=int(input("Enter any number:"))
if no > 0:
    print("Number is positive")
if no < 0:
    print("Number is negative")
if no == 0:
    print("Number is Zero")
Run 1
Enter any number:5
Number is positive
Run 2
Enter any number:-9
Number is negative
Example 3: Find greatest value in three number

#taking user input for numbers
no1=int(input("Enter first number:"))
no2=int(input("Enter second number:"))
no3=int(input("Enter third number:"))
#applying condition on numbers
if no1>no2 and no1>no3:
    print(no1," is greatest value")
if no2>no1 and no2>no3:
    print(no2," is greatest value")
if no3>no1 and no3>no2:
    print(no3," is greatest value")
Enter first number:89
Enter second number:85
Enter third number:72
89  is greatest value

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