Enumeration in C Language

Hello friends how are you, today in this blog i will teach you what is Enumeration, syntax of enumeration, how enumeration works and many programs of enumeration in a very simple way.

Let's start

1.It is a collection of named integer constant.
2.It is a user defined data type.
3.enum keyword is used to create a enumeration.
4.Default value of enum's elements are starts with 0 for example suppose that there are four elements in enum like sunday , monday , tuesday and wednesday then here value of sunday is 0, monday is 1, tuesday is 2 and wednesday is 3.
5.But we can also change the default value of enum's element which we discuss later in this post.



enum week {sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thrusday,friday,saturday};
1.enum is a keyword.
2.week is the name of enum and it is a user defined data type.
3.sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thrusday,friday,saturday are the values of enum.
Default value of enum's member
Default value of sunday is 0
Default value of monday is 1
Default value of tuesday is 2
Default value of wednesday is 3
Default value of thrusday is 4
Default value of friday is 5
Default value of saturday is 6
For better understanding see the below example.

enum week {sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thrusday,friday,saturday};
int main()
enum week obj;
printf("Value of wednesday=%d",obj);
### Output ###
Value of wednesday=3

๐Ÿ‘‰We can also change the default value of member of enum. See the example below

enum Age {Ravi=20,Shyam=25,Rocky=18,Daniel=22,Lina=16};
int main()
enum Age student;
printf("Age of Lina is %d",student);
### Output ###
Age of Lina is 16

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