Create window Login Form in Python [Tkinter Library]

Hello friends how are you, today in this blog i will teach you how you can create a Login Form in Python using Tkinter GUI Library. This tutorial will help you definitely if you wan to create a window application in Python. I am using PyCharm IDE and now i am going to describe everything step by step so just go through this post to get complete knowledge.

Login form is one of the most used Form in Window or GUI Applications, It helps user to login by using username and password and once the credentials are validated user can get the privilege access.

Here i have created a login form using Tkinter GUI library in which i have used a default  username [] and password[abc123]  you can change it as per your need.

I have applied a Empty Validation means if you left blank either Username or Password then you will get a message "fill the empty field!!!" after pressing button.

When you will enter wrong Username or Password then you will get a message "wrong username or password!!!" after pressing button.

Widgets used to create Login Form

2.TextBox or EditText(Entry)

Complete Login Form

from tkinter import *
#defining login function
def login():
    #getting form data
    #applying empty validation
    if uname=='' or pwd=='':
        message.set("fill the empty field!!!")
      if uname=="" and pwd=="abc123":
       message.set("Login success")
       message.set("Wrong username or password!!!")
#defining loginform function
def Loginform():
    global login_screen
    login_screen = Tk()
    #Setting title of screen
    login_screen.title("Login Form")
    #setting height and width of screen
    #declaring variable
    global  message;
    global username
    global password
    username = StringVar()
    password = StringVar()
    #Creating layout of login form
    Label(login_screen,width="300", text="Please enter details below", bg="orange",fg="white").pack()
    #Username Label
    Label(login_screen, text="Username * ").place(x=20,y=40)
    #Username textbox
    Entry(login_screen, textvariable=username).place(x=90,y=42)
    #Password Label
    Label(login_screen, text="Password * ").place(x=20,y=80)
    #Password textbox
    Entry(login_screen, textvariable=password ,show="*").place(x=90,y=82)
    #Label for displaying login status[success/failed]
    Label(login_screen, text="",textvariable=message).place(x=95,y=100)
    #Login button
    Button(login_screen, text="Login", width=10, height=1, bg="orange",command=login).place(x=105,y=130)
#calling function Loginform

Output Screenshots
1.Empty Validation
2.Login Success

3.Login Failed[Wrong username or password!!!]

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