Comments in Java

Hello friends how are you, today in this blog i will teach you what is comment in Java, types of comment , details of each type of comment, how comment works and many programs using comment in a very simple way. 

Let's start
  • It is used to explain the code to make it more readable.
  • It is not considered as a part of program, in other word we can say that compiler ignores the comment.
  • java comments are statements that are not executed by the compiler.

Types of comments in Java

  • Single line comment
  • Multiline comment

Single line comment

  • It is used to comment only one line.
  • Two forward slashes(//) is used for single line comment.
  • Single line comment starts with double forward slashes.
  • if in a program you want to comment only a single line then you can use single line comment.
//this is a single line comment
System.out.println("you are excellent");

Multiline comment

  • Multiline comment is used to comment a block of code.
  • Multiline comment starts with /* and ends with */.
  • The text between /* and */ is not executed by the compiler.
class Easy
 public static void main(String[] args) 
     This is multiline comment
     Write a program to add 
     two number and store it 
     in third number
     int x,y=10,z=30;
### Output ###

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